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Selling dry dock houses

A decrease in the sale of homes in a pronounced way that real estate agencies have been noticing since June and that in the end has been confirmed by the data provided by notaries The fear of a new economic crisis, the rise in the price of hou...

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The pressure of Hacienda uncovers 122,000 rents in black

  Rentals in black: the figures The figures are clear, 840.00 tax notices in these last 3 fiscal years and an increase of 122,000 rental outcrops in black. The Finance Technicians are looking for owners who do not declare the rental of their home. In this fiscal year, the Treasury has released 15,089 million euros, which represents approximately 2% more than the previous fisca...

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Rent with option to purchase

The rent with option to buy: Why its boom? Given the lack of liquidity of banks, the inability to obtain loans ... a figure emerges in real estate transactions that have an important reception, we refer to rent with option to purchase. The rent with option to purchase has undoubted advantages for both the seller and the potential buyer, since to some extent it is the seller who finances the purchase to the potential buyer, in addition this figure means that the buyer does not t...

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The part of real estate visits

What is a part of real estate visits? A definition of part of real estate visits or visiting sheet is the document in which a client's visit to a property is collected (ship, house, land ...) The visiting Party has the function of reliably collecting in a document signed by the parties (buyer, seller and Real Estate Agent) that the property or real estate is presented by the Agency. Logically, the visitor has a presumption of truthfulness (unless proven otherwise) and legal ...

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